What Evil Have They Summoned​.​.​.


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What you are about to hear are cursed souls, trapped in 13 tracks of terror. The story starts with SCAREMAKER smashing its way through the gates of Hell and interrupting a party of weak souls who have unknowingly summoned it through seance. A nightmare of unspeakable events take place: Malicious deformed children who kill, undead immortals who suck blood from the living, backwoods maniacs fulfilling their mother's hunger for gore, agonizing witch burnings, traumatic transmutations, old books dripping with fetid ink, horrendous skinning's, malevolent vampires and offerings of forgotten horrors! The story ends, but is it really over? Or has the party just begun?!

Get ready for an album loaded with demonic and violent riffs, murderous lyrical summoning's and ghastly vocals that leave you unhinged. If you love being scared, it'll be the DEATH METAL album of your life! Features an incredible full-color painting by Adam Geyer, and a special song with lyrics co-written by Stevo of Impetigo!


released May 1, 2010

Vanessa Nocera: Guitars, Bass, and Vocals
Billy Nocera: Vocals
Elektrokutioner: Drums and Vocals

Recorded in Cooper, Texas March 2010 at Metropol Studios
All music written by Vanessa Nocera
Mixing and Mastering by Patrick Bruss
Cover art by Adam Geyer



all rights reserved


Vanessa Nocera Kentucky

SCAREMAKER (guitar/bass/vocals/songwriter)
HOWLING (all vocals/lyricist)
WOODEN STAKE (all vocals/bass/lyricist)
CAULDRON BURIAL (guitar/bass/all vocals/songwriter)
SKELETAL SPECTRE (all vocals/lyricist)
ORLOFF (vocals/lyricist)
LOATHSOME (vocals/bass/lyricist)
???? (all instruments/songwriter)
Writer/publisher for VAULTWRAITH & Evilspeak
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Track Name: Demonic Infestation
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

A dark night at Hull House
The party has just begun
They were there to raise some Hell
and have a lot of fun
When out of the black
The demons all arrive
Possessing one by one
Let's see who will survive

A house repossessed
Demonic Infestation
An abandoned mortuary
You don't need a reservation

Seance in the mirror
Demonic infestation
From those burned in the oven
A man's eyes are gouged
Hands warming by the fire
A face smashed through the glass
The spirits are rising higher
Track Name: The Hatched
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

Licking the gore off her newborn
Yet another one for The Brood
Psychoplasmics personifies her rage
Now they're coming for you!

Evil brood produced, from the unknown

Deformed children birthed
From mother's external womb
Creatures guided by her evil thoughts
Means your demise is soon

Evil brood produced, from the unknown

Evil spawns hatched from within
It keeps happening again and again
Breed of terror has come to kill
They're demanded through her will

Secluded institute, patients captivated
He rules through twisted therapy
Exorcising painful emotions
She vents her maddening fury
Track Name: Carpathian Breed
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

Abandoned in the church
Left alone to be bled
Upon the altar she lay
Soon to be dead
Red eyes held her in a trance
She doesn't stand a chance

Drinking the chalice of blood
May all the victims bleed
Drinking the blood and gory chunks
They are the Carpathian Breed

Immortal; he is the Apocalypse
Bitten by Satan himself
Since the dawn of time and the rebel Angel's descent
Into HELL!

Carpathian Breed
Life from you, they bleed
Track Name: In the Shadow of the Matriarch
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

In the shadow of the matriarch
Her two demented sons
Carry out her lust for bloodshed
Insane and deranged, her hunger for gore is fed
Teeth smashed, decapitation
Letting out their frustration

Those are her boys who rape and murder
Deep in the woods they go even further

One victim dead, the others come back
To avenge their friend
They make their attack
Draino down the throat
Gurgling bloody foam
Hammered in the dick
Their revenge is fucking sick
Track Name: Burning Inquisition
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

Agonizing executions
The burning inquisition
Ancestor's past is now your curse
They come back as Legion

Their memories haunt your dreams
Reincarnated in your mind
No way to erase the guilt
Even from another time

From all the stories that you've been told
All you have is a belt of witch finger bones

A grim night to remember
Their souls not rested in peace
A triad of witches burned
It's your soul they seek
Axe through the skull, a melted face
They call upon an evil power
They are dancing on your grave
Celebrating your final hour
Track Name: Diabolical Metamorphosis
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Chasms of burning souls
Savage and furious fires
Conveying sounds of horror
Emerging from black pools of blood

Diabolical metamorphosis
Changing into the absurd

Blood vessels bursting through skin
Sickened by the sight of you
Paralyzed with consuming despair
Hellish ferocity within

Diabolical metamorphosis
Reforming into the grotesque

When demons crave flesh
Your bones are fused with decay
Spreading a frenzy of fear
Inferno of deformed disarray
Track Name: Gore Shriek
Lyrics by: Stevo and Billy Nocera

No qualms about amputation
No scruples about decapitation
Swimming in blood and slipping in guts
Screaming the gospel of mutilation
Scrambled brains and fried entrails
Shredded flesh in lunch pails
Morbid minds all think alike
We preach the sermon of GORE!

It takes a special kind of freak
To let yourself GORE SHRIEK!

The pages are stuck together
And dripping with fetid ink
It's a four color bloodbath
With a lovely, rotting stink
Zombies attack and bite
Full moons where monsters howl
I read in a blissfully twisted state
These tales so wonderfully foul

It takes a special kind of freak
To let yourself GORE SHRIEK!
Track Name: The Possessor
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

In the Old Dreamland Theatre
Comes terrifying tales of dread
Behind the shadows lurks the monster
And you'll soon be in his head

Three horrendous pictures
You won't make it 'til the last
One by one, they will die
Their flesh becomes his death mask

The sight of his face will make you sick
You can never escape this insane lunatic

The Possessor!
He will get you!
The Possessor!
He will possess you!

The ghastly plan is unleashed
Who is the next to be killed?
Now the stage begins to tremble
As murder is fulfilled
Track Name: Nocturnal Bloodbath
Lyrics by: Billy and Vanessa Nocera

Murder and mayhem right next door
Watching out the window as he kills once more
Victims bled, missing heads
He turns to Evil, for his loathsome lore

With a crucifix and a wooden stake
He plans an attack, before it's too late
His friends don't believe the dangers they face
Against the grim powers of their undead race

Nocturnal Bloodbath
Now you will know vampires are real!

Crucifix burning flesh, melting into the skin
Revealing the evil that was dwelling within
Malevolent forces growing
Let the master's reign begin
Track Name: Archaic Offerings
Lyrics by: Vanessa and Billy Nocera

Dark lands, forgotten times
Buried beyond and forever lost
Tales of horror, stories of blood
Monsters and creatures turned to frost

Atmosphere of impending doom
Mortals fearing the unknown
From the castle they will ride
Werewolves howl a hateful tone

Remembering the past
Decayed and withered things
Glorified imagery
These are the archaic offerings

A bleeding pentagram
Swirling, conjured souls
Tortured in Satan's domain
From them His power grows

Undead legions united
From all that's faded away
Obsolete in others eyes
To us, it's here to stay